The college is located in Pakseuang, 25 kilometres North of Luang Prabang. The campus covers a total area of 51 hectares which used to be the Royal Gardens from the Lao King’s Family until 1975.

The NAFC site consists of over 50 hectares adjacent to the Mekong River

The college was officially established on 20 November 1989 by the government of Luang Prabang and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and was called Northern Agricultural School. Mid diploma courses were offered in two majors 1) Agronomy and 2) Livestock & Fisheries.

Construction of a teachers building in 1991

In 1999, the Northern Agricultural School merged with the Northern Agriculture and Forestry Training Center in Xieng Nguen District and changed its name to Luang Prabang Agriculture and Forestry College with a mid-diploma status.

Students working on bridge construction at Nam Sueang

By 2010 the college changed its status to the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College, offering High-Diploma courses in upland agriculture and forestry. The 3-year courses are offered in 4 majors: Agronomy, Livestock & Fisheries, Forestry, and Agribusiness. Additional upgrading courses of 1.5 years were offered in the 3 majors Agronomy, Livestock & Fisheries and Forestry.

Thesis defense from the first student cohort
The original library, today this houses the Outreach Division

More photos and the full story of history and development of the NAFC can be downloaded here (Text: Lao, Photos with English captions): NAFC History