60% of the curricula is practice oriented and the college offers excellent facilities on the campus to support practical teaching and learning.

The school has established 28 demonstration farm units.  The farm units fulfill multiple purposes: They are used for practical teaching and learning, applied research, and income generation for students and teachers.



Consists of 10 demonstration farm units including: Cash crops, cereal crops, integrated farm, mushroom productions, fruit tree farm, plant nursery, compost and bio-extract, upland farm, medicinal plant farm and industrial trees.

Livestock And Fisheries


Consists of 9 demonstration farm units including: Cattle farm, poultry farm, goat farm, pig farm, fish farm, frog farm, cricket raising, forage production, veterinary services.



Contains two farms units, Organic farm/market orientated production and food processing.



Consists of 6 farm units including: Teak production, oil-tree production, non-timber forest products (NTFP), agroforestry, medicinal plants of the forest, forest nursery and greenhouse.