Since 2009, and with support from the SURAFCO project (SURAFCO Flyer), the college was able to gradually expand and modernize their built facilities like dormitories, classrooms, laboratories, and practical teaching farm units.

The infrastructure of the college is functional and attractive for students and teachers, and allows optimized teaching and learning in theory and practice. Special attention is paid to vulnerability and gender equity to provide safe and adequate physical facilities for female students.

The college offers a broad and modern access to information and recreation. And above all, the college has excellent facilities for practical teaching and learning in the form of various demonstration farm units.

Dormitories and kitchen

The college offers female and male dormitories including kitchen facilities for all boarding students.  First year students are housed in new dormitories in 4 bed rooms. Other housing facilities include larger dormitories, farm houses, or family stays with nearby villagers.


The college has modern and functional classrooms with adequate furniture and modern teaching equipment such as computers, overhead projectors and white boards. The college has 2 modern classroom buildings with 13 classrooms plus 2 computer rooms.


The college boosts functional laboratories and equipment for Agronomy (soil science, plant pest and disease identification), and Livestock (food analysis, meat processing),  which are regularly used for practical teaching.

ນັກສຶກສາຝຶກງານກຳລັງສ່ອງເບິ່ງພະຍາດໃບໄມ້ໃນຕັບຂອງໝູ (2-4-2015)


While all students have access to self cooking facilities, there is also an attractive canteen offering meals to students and teachers at low prices.

Recreation and sports facilities

Sports and recreation are seen as an important part of the study life. The college offers a variety of sports grounds for playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, rattan ball, and petanque. Sports competitions are regularly organised.