Interested students can join one of the two existing students groups during their studies at NAFC. Members will get interesting opportunities for student’s capacity building and social exchange. Being a member of the group can help to gain self-confidence and improve personal communication and social skills. Most importantly, the groups organize activities for students income generation.

There is also a Volunteer Students Group that manages the College Radio. These students gain first hand experience with radio broadcasting and learn how to develop interesting news themselves.

Environment Conservation Group

The Environment Conservation Group is active in awareness raising on environmental topics and organises waste management and recycling on the campus. Students from this group can engage in income generating activities such as the production and sales of compost and bio-extract, or fish and frog raising.

The Environment Conservation Group

Women Income Generation Group

The Women’s Income Generation Group is active in topics related to women’s empowerment. Students from this group can engage in income generating activities through the production and sales of handmade Mulberry paper products, as well as food processing.

The Womens Income Generation group proudly displaying some of their wares

Volunteer Radio Group

The College Radio Volunteer Group manages and operates the broadcasting of daily news through the speaker system on the campus. They work in close collaboration and with guidance of the NAFC Outreach Division. News on the college radio are broadcasted in 3 languages including ethnic languages (Lao, Hmong, Khmu)

Volunteer Radio Group